From typical bulbs to floodlights, we offer a full range of LED lights for your home. Keep reading to learn more about our individual products.



All of our LED light bulbs are environmentally-friendly and have no infrared or UV radiation. The average lifetime of these LED bulbs is 10-20 times longer than incandescent light bulbs and CFL bulbs. They provide less pulsation/flicker, making the light environment safer for children and adults.

Our bulbs are suitable for direct replacement of incandescent, CFL bulbs with small or medium bases. Our bulbs are perfect for lamps, chandeliers, or any home-based lighting application.


Color rendering LEDs produce some of the most beautiful lighting for your home. The sources are measured according to their ability to render virtually all colors of their spectrum according to the Color Rendering Index (CRI). Using them, we can create a customized solution that gives you the theme and atmosphere you were looking for.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Give your kitchen or home office a warm evening glow with under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lighting is available in the latest LED technology while providing exceptional energy efficiency and long service.

Modern Wood Chandeliers Fixtures

Our wooden chandelier is shown in different shades and different patterns.
Wooden Chandelier is so great to produce the surprising ambience which cannot made by other lights.

Flood lights

We offer replacements for metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures. These lights are energy efficient and have long lives. They are perfect for outdoor lighting around your house or garden.

Dusk to dawn light

Replaces 100-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) / 175-watt mercury vapor (MV). 60-watt LED Dusk to Dawn with 7300 delivered lumens. 6500K, gray,

LED Panels

This LED Ceiling Light is perfect for corridor, hallway, living room, office, super market, or other home and commercial use.