Switch to LED brings global innovation leadership, cost-effective lighting expertise and advanced lighting products right to your gas station. We have a keen understanding of your need to deliver on brand image through lighting, while ensuring that your luminaires also contribute to the smooth, day-to-day operation of your gas station. Our attention to detail and proven illumination products go far to create a welcoming customer experience on all fronts. With Switch to LED, lighting can be designed to sell and not just save energy. So we make sure there is adequate distribution of light while accenting high-margin store items. Also, our outdoor vertical lighting solutions foster an increased sense of safety and comfort through reduced glare. Providing the right combination of energy-efficient LED fixtures and controls technologies, Switch to LED is on your way to increased energy savings and sales.

Goals of Gas Station Lighting
• Protect and enhance the character and quality of commercial districts and adjacent neighborhoods where gas station and              convenience stores are located.
• Strengthen the pedestrian environment and provide options for safe pedestrian access.
• Create a high level of expectation in the quality of gas station and convenience store architecture.
• Provide needed flexibility to respond to unique conditions and constraints inherent to specific areas within the community.
• Minimize negative impacts to adjacent uses resulting from on-site activities.

Realize Your Potential for Energy Savings
Lighting typically represents 30% of a commercial building’s electricity bill, even more in gas stations. Now imagine cutting that expense by half. As a retailer, you need to place the right amount of light where it is needed and when it is needed to optimize returns on your lighting energy bill even more. Let Switch to LED help your business make the most of its lighting.
Our solutions let you achieve the right mix of energy cost savings and visual impact.

Turnkey Retrofit Lighting Solutions with Fast Payback
With Switch to LED, you have all you need to drive up energy savings and brand appeal. Your gas station could be operating with lower energy costs and better lighting. Let’s make it happen.
Retrofit on-site lighting to substantially reduce lighting energy costs, help improve convenience store sales and fuel added interest in your brand.
Our energy services team can provide the following to you:
• Retrofit lighting design plan for your complete gas station.
• Selection and installation of our most optimal energy-saving products.
• Proper disposal/recycling of your obsolete lighting systems.
• Maximum applicable tax, rebate and EPA incentives.
• Cost segregation measures for accelerated depreciation.
• Guaranteed payback.
• Service simplicity through one point of contact

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